Am I Pregnant?

The following is not intended to replace medical consultation or care:

How do I know if I’m pregnant?

Maybe your period is a couple days late. Or maybe, you took a home pregnancy test and it’s positive. What do you do now?

The next step is take a lab quality pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy. BRPC offers this service at no charge to you. It only takes a few minutes to get the results. Our counselors are here to answer any questions.

What do I do if I’m pregnant?

We understand that an unplanned pregnancy can create a lot of mixed emotions and at the same time there are many things to consider. Deciding between parenting, adoption or abortion can be overwhelming. Our counselors are here to provide emotional support as you sort through your options.

How can BRPC help?

In addition to the free and confidential services offered here we can connect you with community resources such as referrals to doctors, clinics and insurance programs. We can also connect you with parenting resources, housing referrals, employment resources and childcare providers. We understand that it takes all of us working together to provide you with all that you need now and for the future.

Want further assistance?

Here at Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center, we want to help. From practical to spiritual support we offer services that can guide you through this season.

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