Our Services

Client Services: Practical Support

Referrals & Support
Our clients have a variety of needs. We are able to give them referrals within our community for prenatal care, Medicaid, and other social services. When a client makes the choice of adoption for her child, we offer referrals and support with organizations that can help her through this process. In all of these circumstances, we do all we can to provide our clients with the information and support they need.

Parenting & Life Skills Program
Our once-small maternity clothing boutique has developed over the years into one of the largest aspects of our ministry. Through the gifts of many in our community, we are able to provide our clients with not only maternity clothing but many essential items needed for caring for newborns through 2T, from diapers to baby food, to clothing and blankets, and the list goes on. Though some of these items are certainly limited in quantity, God seems to enable us to meet our clients’ needs in remarkable and ever-increasing ways.

Client Services: Spiritual Support

Bible Studies
At the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center, we recognize that many of our clients’ needs are spiritual, as well as physical and emotional. For this reason, we provide several Bible studies focusing on a number of pregnancy and family-related issues. We offer a Bible study designed specifically for women who have had one or more abortions called Forgiven and Set Free. Bible studies are also offered that are designed for clients who desire spiritual growth in their everyday life.

The Ministry of Prayer
This is the quiet and unseen part of our ministry. Each month a prayer calendar is developed and provided to our staff, prayer support volunteers, and Board Members. Our clients are remembered in daily prayers and with particular attention to specific needs on days of special occasion. When a client comes in with a particularly difficult situation, the word is immediately passed throughout the Center, and concerted prayers are offered up. It has on occasion made the difference between life and death. On the third Wednesday of each month, our prayer team meets at the Center before hours of operation and prays for the specific needs of our clients, our staff, and the Center. Many of the most important moments of our Center’s history have proceeded directly from these powerful moments of prayer.

An Evangelical Ministry
Of the many and often desperate needs that our clients bring to the Center, we are always mindful that there is none greater than their need for the saving grace of the Lord Jesus, and it is our greatest blessing indeed when, as the Lord moves, our clients surrender their lives into the healing and life-giving hands of our Savior.