Post-Abortion Support

Post Abortion and What Women Really Need


God wants post-abortive people to be healed.  Pregnancy centers use the language of mercy when talking about the potentially triggering topic of abortion.  Your kindness in this regard draws post-abortive individuals to seek healing instead of hiding and when they do, you lead them into the mercy and freedom found in Christ alone.

Here at the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center we offer a small group Bible Study that effectively ministers God’s healing grace to women who are suffering remorse and guilt after an abortion.  We also highly recommend the Deeper Still ministry.  This is a weekend retreat where true forgiveness and being free from the chains of abortion can be found.  For more information contact or go to the Deeper Still Website for all of the details.

Please consider reaching out and get started on the only path to forgiveness!


Women in America who have suffered an abortion

Women have had an abortion