(Grammar and spelling are exactly from client survey forms.)

“My advocate was very nice and polite. Eager to help me with whatever my needs were. I enjoyed my 1 hour visit with her. What would us pregnant women do without ya’ll wonderful people at Blue Ridge!”

“It was very calm and relaxing. Everyone was nice and gave lots of support and information.”

“Very helpful and thought more about my feelings and what I was going through.”

“I found the staff to be friendly and welcoming. It felt good having someone to talk to who had an objective point of view.”

“I came in feeling a little uncomfortable, but when the client advocate came in and introduced herself I felt better and relaxed. You guys were outstanding. I felt at home. Thank ya!!”

“Very welcoming and very sweet counselor and atmosphere. I love that the center is Christian-based, I know God has used the women here and will continue to do so.”

“I’m taking Bible Study home with me today. I find the center is calming, educational and inspiring. Very nice programs offered. Helpful and caring advocate. I feel very comfortable talking with her. This organization is wonderful.”

“I feel that it was a great blessing from God having run into this place unexpected. I really glad I found it.”

“I thought it was a good visit. It is nice to know that people are around that seem to care. It is good not to feel invisible.”

” How kind the workers are and how well respected they are. It was like I was their family, the way they treated me, very understanding.”

“My counselor was very helpful and respectful. Keep her. Thanks a lot for lighting up my spirit about babies and parenting. I wouldn’t know what to do w/o you guys.”

“I feel like they really welcomed me and resecpted everything that I told them and they really helped more than anybody else was able to.”