What are my options?

If you are pregnant, what are the next steps?


Parenting means that you will carry your pregnancy to term and then raise your child. There are many different aspects to consider and questions to answer. What will parenting look like for you? BRPC has many programs that provide practical resources. We are also equipped to connect you to resources within the community that support young women who are parenting.


Adoption means that you will carry your pregnancy to term and choose another family to care for and raise your child. There are several different adoption options and you can even remain in contact with the child if you so choose. BRPC can provide you with information on the various adoption agencies you have to choose from in Central Virginia.

We are not affiliated nor do we directly refer to any one adoption agency.  Although we are not directly affiliated with an adoption agency, we can help facilitate and refer to several great options.


Abortion means that you will terminate your pregnancy through a medical procedure. We can help you process what this can mean for you and answer any questions you may have. There are several different procedures. We will educate you on all of them as well as the risks involved.

We do not perform abortions and we do not refer for abortions.